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Propane and Natural Gas
Conversion Kits

We manufacturer high quality propane and natural gas conversion kits for cars, trucks, generators, offroad vehicles, forklifts and boats/marine: GMC, Jeep, Ford, Onan, Impco, Chevy, Toyota, Suzuki, Edelbrock and more!

Alternative Fuel Parts and
Conversion Kits

We supply a full line of parts and conversion kits for propane, natural gas and other fuels. Supporting automotive, generator, industrial, residential, food truck and recreational applications. Complete kits, small parts, hoses.


We can convert any carbureted engine to either straight propane/CNG or dual fuel. We support turbocharged and supercharged applications up to 1200hp. We also support some throttle body and EFI conversions.


We can convert any brand marine application with 4cyl, 6cyl and 8cyl carbureted engines.


We have conversion kits for most brands, carbureted and EFI, single and twin cylinder engines and larger industrial generators up to 10 cylinders.


We can work with nearly every make and model forklift on converting to propane or CNG, we can also upgrade old alternative fuel systems to new, supported kits.

Nash Lift Forklift Parts

Nash Lift Forklift Parts

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