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Where is my order?

Please email or call/text us at 859-881-0509 with your order number if you haven't gotten a tracking number yet.

Can I convert a brand new generator to alternative fuel?

Yes, the generator must be broken in on gasoline first though.

For the low pressure kits, what is the required operating pressure.

Our low pressure kits are ready to go with 9-13" wc (around 0.5psi) supply pressure. If your supply pressure is lower, leave a note at checkout and we will build the regulator for lower pressure.

Can you plug a propane tank into a KN Garretson/Aftermarket regulator?

No, propane tank pressure can be 30-150psi, you need a twin stage or a single stage (NOT 1st stage) regulator at the tank to bring the pressure down to around 11"wc (0.5psi)

Why wont my generator start on natural gas?

There are a few things to check first. Line size, you should be using a 3/4" ID line to feed the KN regulator with most installations, some require a larger line. Pressure, make sure your pressure is in the 9-13"wc range. Break-in, the generator must be broken in on gasoline first if brand new.

How can I transfer propane from my bulk tank to my portable tank?

On your bulk tank you are looking for a valve with a brass cap or a brass plug, the only one on the tank that is not plastic or metal. You can send us the part number or a picture to 859-881-0509 or and we can help from there.

How quick do you ship?

We try to get most orders out within 1-2 business days of purchase but some assemblies are built upon order. If you need something expedited call or text 859-881-0509 or email and we will do our best to get it out ASAP.

How do you adjust the load block on a generator kit?

For the first start after installation, open the load block up completely, leave it screwed in 1-2 turns and get the unit started. Once running follow the instructions for tuning.

Will I lose power on alternative fuel?

For propane, once everything is tuned, your power and economy will be close to that of gasoline, you can factor in a 5-10% loss though for calculations. For natural gas the loss is closer to 20-25% due to the lower BTU value of the fuel.

Do I need a low pressure kit or a tri-fuel kit?

If your primary fuel choice is going to be natural gas or propane that is already regulated into a building/RV, then the low pressure kit is the way to go. Its designed to work with 9-13" wc. If you also want to use 20lb-100lb tanks, go with the tri-fuel kit, it has the pressure regulator and tank connection to work with full propane tank pressure.